Gelato 33 x Purple Punch


Gelato 33 x Purple Punch

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Gelato 33 x Purple Punch

Ice Cream Punch is the perfect pairing between soft and powerful. The milky white trichomes that dust the neon-colored buds promotes a sense of awe while the sweet and spicy flavor promotes feelings of desire. Be forewarned, though: delicious as it might be, this strain produces potent effects on both the mind and body that some users may find uncomfortable. As with any strain of this caliber, paced and intentional consumption is recommended.

Created by mixing Gelato #33 with Purple Punch, Ice Cream Punch lives up to its name in flavor and effects. Though the inhale tastes of sweet fruits and berries, the exhale features distinct notes of vanilla and cream. With the flavor still lingering in the back of the throat, a powerful full-body buzz soon takes charge. Consumers quickly relax, drifting into mild thought and a profound comfort in their surroundings.

Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC

Gelato #33 was chosen to create Ice Cream Punch thanks to its elite status among cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. Offering the sweet taste of mint cookies atop an earthy-orange undertone, this tasty dinner party delight is sure to please all in attendance.

Born of parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato 33 boasts everything a good party guest might have. Her beauty captures the eyes with a rainbow of fluorescent hues. Neon greens, deep purples, and fiery-oranges dance betwixt a sea of snow-white trichomes giving only a slight hint to what lies beneath.

High THC

Gelato 33’s THC levels usually come in over 20 percent, but it is the delicate mix of terpenes that really makes this strain stand out. Taking effect almost immediately behind the eyes, this strain is exceptional at washing away the blues. Within minutes, the body seems to drift away – an experience that can be uncomfortable for some. As the body melts into relaxation, a gentle buzz takes over, ridding the body of pain. Though deeply relaxed, creativity and social interaction become effortless after only a short time. Gelato #33 is especially therapeutic for those suffering from pain, insomnia, depression, or general aches and pains.

Despite its tremendous bag appeal, Gelato 33 is not for everyone. Novice growers or those growing in unstable environments often have difficulty cultivating this strain. She is particularly sensitive to drastic temperature changes and may develop seeds if she becomes too stressed. Those who choose to grow Gelato 33 should prepare for its pungent odor during flower, which usually takes about eight to nine weeks.

Ice Cream Punch Purps

Ice Cream Punch parent, Purple Punch is a cross between Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG. As such, it is a powerful indica hybrid that weighs in heavy on the head and body. Combining trace amounts of CBD with warm, sweet terpenes, Purple Punch quickly calms the body and lifts the spirits.

As the name implies, Purple Punch hits quickly, causing a sometimes-dizzying effect. Soon, the experience gives way to a lighter sense of self as burdens, stressors, and worries fall away. This renewed calm offers consumers much-needed rest and the ability to slip into a deep sleep. Pain, stress, and insomnia don’t stand a chance against Purple Punch.

Ice Cream Punch is a dessert strain that keeps on giving. Whether consumed to relax or to melt away the pain, Ice Cream Punch will definitely knock your socks off. Buy some today!

Ice Cream Punch Genetic Lineage
Gelato #33 x Purple Punch

Sunset Sherbet – %
Thin Mint GSC – %
Granddaddy Purple – %
Larry OG – %


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